Info for Authors

We ask all speakers of the upcoming conference to fill in the following data sheet and additionally to send a personal photo by email.
The speaker’s information and the course version will then be available in the app as additional information during the presentation.

The presentations are to be transmitted for the interpreters in accordance advance (no later than April 1st, 2025).

Please transmit the presentation by email (max. 15MB) to
For larger presentations or presentations with movies please use a ftp-server or use an Webservice as Wetransfer or Send Anywhere.

Presentation time is 25 minutes, consider this when creating your presentation.

Conference proceedings
Guidelines for the print version in the conference brochure and for the article at ZEV rail.
Autor´s manual

The Papers for the conference proceedings have to be delivered until October 31st, 2024. Further processing is managed by ZEVrail.

What to deliver?
– filled out data sheet
– unabridged version of the contribution
– digital photo
more detailed information are to be taken from the following lines.

9 Questions about how to write the article

How is the expiration?
You hand in a manuscript as file by E-Mail or on a data medium. The Conditions 1 to 9 must be regarded at. The editor works on your article and comes to an agreement with you.

Before printing you will receive a revision-edition with your article as it should be released in the ZEV.

Please control, if there were mistakes made in the transmission. The permission to print results from either with your acceptance or after the expiration of an agreed period. After the release of your article in the journal, you will get your copy of the

1. How should your article be prepared?
All texts must be ms word-files (.doc) without any line-breaks. The Headline must be done in English aswell as in German and must not contain any company names. The text should not be longer than 25.000 charaters including blanks. In the “Autorenhinweise” you find more detailed information about the composing of the article.

2. Which file-format are allowed for tabels and pictures?
Please use only PDF, TIFF, EPS or JPG-formats with at least 300 dpi. Pictures which are included in word-files can not be used for the printing. Tabels could also be ms excel-files but must be sent anyhow as seperate files.

3. How many pictures are allowed in the article?
Please remind that about three pictures on one page – depending on the size of the pictures – is the maximum number of illustrations allowed. pictures and text should correspond on the same page in scientific journals which means again: maximum three illustrations per page.

4. What about the abstract?
The article starts with the abstract which should not contain more than 1000 characters. The abstract should not be a survey but a brief content in English and in German.

5. Content of the CV?
Your Curriculum Vitae must contain: name, age, academical degree, education report, where appropriate graduation and name of the university, job-related information (which posititon in which company from date to date, country), home and company address, email address, and a picture whith at least 300 dpi.

6. What belongs to the article additionally?
All companies, manufactures and service providers linked to your article listed in an additional file.

7. What means revision?
The revision is not done to modify and change things concering the content, but only to make sure that there were no mistakes in transmission and setting. Please report your adjustements to the responsible editor.

8. How the OK for printing is carried out?
The permission to print results from either with your acceptance or after the expiration of an agreed period.

9. The contract with the publisher
The editor of the publisher and the author place a contract in the moment of acceptance of the manuscript. This contract essentially regulates copyright as well as the right of publishing. More information about the contract you find in the attachment below.