48. Conference 2023

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Sunday, 17.9.2023

19:00Welcome Reception

Monday, 18.9.2023

09:00Opening Speeches
09:20S.Jass (Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH)
Digital Freight Train: Challenges of interoperable automation to increase efficiency in the freight rail sector
09:50J.Nolte (SBB AG)
ATO Activities in Switzerland – Development to date and in the future
10:20Coffee & Tea
10:50T.Mitter (SSC RailTec GmbH)
Combined Transportation rethought – The intermodal Electromobility
11:20G.Petschnig (PJ Monitoring GmbH)
Automation and digital monitoring in rail freight 
11:50M.Reichmann (TU Graz)
Effects of the Digital Automatic Coupling on the productivity of transport chains in single wagon load traffic: Hypotheses and Simulations
12:20K.Fuchs (-)
Electric power supply in freight trains as an example for questionable benefit of technical innovations
12:50Lunch Break
14:00G.Malzacher (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. DLR)
Project AnoWaAs - Adapted and optimised car body concept for rail vehicles with alternative propulsion systems
14:30R.Lang (Siemens Mobility GmbH)
Introduction of new trains, bogies and propulsion system for London Underground - innovations, challenges, solutions
15:00C.Weber (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. DLR)
Development and operation of the propulsion system for the independent-wheel direct drive of the Next Generation Train
15:30Coffee & Tea
16:00J.Baier (Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH)
The Electro-Mechanical Brake: Electric Braking by Brake-by-wire
16:30P.Brunnhofer (TU Graz)
Innovative test bench concept for rail vehicle brakes
17:00S.Marschnig (TU Graz)
Track and Vehicle
17:35Haas, Leitner, Pospischil, Veit (TU Graz)
Panel discussion

Tuesday, 19.9.2023

08:30R.Schmid (ÖBB Infrastruktur AG)
The work of Prud'homme and its relevance for today's guideway
09:00M. Sánchez Lozano (Universitas Miguel Hernandez of Elche)
The rolling gear of independent guided wheels. Opportunities to optimise wheel-rail contact
09:30M.Frea (Faiveley Transport)
Enhanced systems for wheel rail adhesion management and recovery
10:00Coffee & Tea
10:30B.Kämpfer (TÜV Nord Systems GmbH & Co.KG)
Standards for friction management in the wheel-rail interface: current status and additional need for research
11:00H.Hohenbichler (Boom Software AG)
Holistic Wheelset Management: the basis for practical degradation- and material prognosis
11:30J.Lichterfeld (Siemens Mobility GmbH Erlangen)
Modern slide protection in combination with a compressed air-free Siemens brake system
12:00K.Mädler (DB Systemtechnik GmbH)
Wheel-rail contact overhead - a wear-optimised solution for Wuppertal
12:30Lunch Break
14:00W.Guo (CRRC ZELC Verkehrstechnik GmbH)
A Finite State Machine Based Energy Management System for Fuel Cell Hybrid Rolling Stock
14:30R.Lenthall (Voestalpine Signaling Siershahn GmbH)
Enabling Change: How Data Can Optimise Fleet Management
15:00M.Zäch (Siemens Mobility GmbH)
Field data management in the engineering process of modern locomotives
15:30Coffee & Tea
16:00S.Jenne (Gutehoffnungshütte Radsatz GmbH)
Comparison of the operating behaviour of rubber-sprung wheels with different radial stiffness installed in the Skoda Forcity Smart from Pilsen
16:30A.Prix (Siemens Mobility GmbH Graz)
From steel over CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic) to wood - lightweight construction in bogies as an enabler and lever for green mobility
17:00F.Saur (Prose AG)
Calculation methods for determining the maximum dynamic torsional torque of wheelsets
17:30J.Maierhofer (Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH (MCL))
The effect of cold rolling on the fatigue and wear behavior of wheelset components
18:00Closing Speech and End of Conference